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Creating Open Spaces for Wellness & Healing for our community! 


With the help of community partners, we've created an integrative wellness and safety initiative called Relentless Resilience (R&R). R&R provides a  creative  and safe space for youth in grades K-12 to come, be heard, and soar and we  invite their families to participate in the journey.  R&R includes:

  • Restorative circles – Provides youth and families with the skills necessary to build  safe and trusting relationships, preparing them to address any challenge they face.  

  • Stress buster yoga – Active and intentional movement that addresses anxiety, depression, social  pressures, emotional imbalance, and coping skills. 

  • Mindfulness journaling and creative writing – Provides guided meditation, best practices, and  mindful breathing for self-regulation.  

  • Affirmation Art – Participants utilize art to draw, paint, use visual and digital design affirmations  to encourage themselves and those around them.  

  • Afrokaribe Dance

  • Therapeutic Gardening

  • Mental Health Resources


We ensure safety of participants by following the CDC guidelines. We require staff, volunteers, youth,  and families to always wear their masks, have small groups in large spaces for social distancing, virtual  options (if necessary), health screenings and symptom tracking for all in-person programs. In addition,  we are committed to providing ongoing education & resources to our community members to ensure  our families stay safe & healthy.

Stay tuned for the next upcoming sessions! 

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