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Creating Open Spaces for Wellness & Healing for our community! 


With the help of community partners, we've created an integrative wellness and safety initiative called Relentless Resilience (R&R). R&R provides a  creative  and safe space for youth in grades K-12 to come, be heard, and soar and we  invite their families to participate in the journey.  R&R includes:

  • Restorative circles – Provides youth and families with the skills necessary to build  safe and trusting relationships, preparing them to address any challenge they face.  

  • Stress buster yoga – Active and intentional movement that addresses anxiety, depression, social  pressures, emotional imbalance, and coping skills. 

  • Mindfulness journaling and creative writing – Provides guided meditation, best practices, and  mindful breathing for self-regulation.  

  • Affirmation Art – Participants utilize art to draw, paint, use visual and digital design affirmations  to encourage themselves and those around them.  

  • Afrokaribe Dance

  • Therapeutic Gardening

  • Mental Health Resources

  • Youth Sports Camps


We are committed to providing ongoing education & resources to our community members to ensure our families stay safe & healthy.

Stay tuned for the next upcoming sessions! 

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