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Fostering Opportunities & Relationships in STEM Education

Relentless Academy has teamed up with the MN Academy of Science (MAS) to provide Relentless Academy scholars with the opportunity to participate in their FORSE program.  Scholars at Relentless Academy dive into a summer of exciting STEM experiments! Students learn about public health, engineering, human biology, public health, and more!

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This ground-breaking program works to close opportunity gaps and increase diversity in all MN STEM fields. How? By opening doors to STEM for girls and students from diverse—and too often underrepresented—populations. FORSE brings scientists and students together for mentoring and hands-on STEM learning experiences, helping young people from diverse backgrounds envision a future for themselves in STEM.


If you are a STEM professional, MAS is looking for volunteers to help inspire the next generation of scientist. Click here FORSE  to register or for more information visit

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